Taria Prologue #1 - Page 4


Dirri... what was that supposed to be?! I don't think that's how you do it :P


Hurray, new page! XD Only took 3 weeks longer than expected :P Sorry!

I totally revamped my inking style for the comic, going for a more "clean" look. I'm super happy with how it looks, and glad I changed it XD I'll keep inking in this style and try to refine it even further ^^

Also I changed the color technique even further, trying to get more colorful and dynamic shadows. I'd call that a success as well ^^

Overall I'm super happy with how the look of my comics is now, and look I forward to improving it even further :D (Main thing I need to work on is speed now haha)


Let me know what you think of the page! Critiques and comments welcome ^^ Thank you :D

Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 3


After 4 months, another page is finally here :P Sorry about how it changed in looks a bit.... I've again moved to a new and improved color technique and have gotten better at drawing overall last few months ^^ It's the best my comics have ever looked, and I am so eager to make more!

Yes... I'm still eager to work on this comic, despite how it may appear given its absence XD It's my main focus now (that and commissions :P )

As of now I can only guarantee one page a week, but I would really like to take it to 2 a week soon. I'm still learning better time management so stick with me here :P


Let me know what you think of the page and of the comic so far! Critiques and all that stuff welcome :D This story is just getting started, 20+ more pages to go! XD

Thanks so much for reading :D

Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 2

Taria_Prologue_#1 Pg 2 sRGB.jpg

Finally the next page! We've gone back even more in time! XD It may seem a bit weird to jump back right away, but it's a short comic haha. Most of the comic will take place a few years in the past ^^

Apologies it took so long to make, it's been over 4 weeks :/ To be honest I really didn't enjoy drawing this page haha. On top of getting other stuff done like buying a car, procrastination has hit me hard. I haven't had a ton of fun so far with the comic, but I will continue with the pages as I promised and I hope I enjoy it more later on :P I'll continue to draw other things too of course ^^

I really do like how the art is looking though XD This style has proven to be quicker and easier than any other style I've done ^^ It may not be highest quality, but the time saved has been SO worth it.
I also really love how Dirri looks as well :D I had to study a bit how African wild dogs look, their patterns are tricky! Good to have some practice with canines too :P

Thanks for your patience everyone ^^ Let me know what you think of the page! :D