Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 1

Taria_Prologue_#1 Pg1 sRGB.jpg

Howdy! Yay, first page! :D
I'm feeling good about it so far! I swear on cats that I will finish this comic! :P I'm super happy with how this page turned out :D Took about as long as I assumed it would, just under 15 hours, so it is a good mix of speed and results I guess haha. I'll probably just get faster as I go ^^
Not sure how often I will be making these, once a week maybe? No promises of course, not going to doom myself :P

Looks like Ti'maar is having an argument with Ra'maar here haha. Ti'maar is kind of a jerk too his poor dad, but he's just frustrated! :P
To put this in a bit of context the events in this page are around 1-2 years before the "modern day" main story, and it will jump back even farther soon. I hope it isn't confusing! XD

(Also the disclaimers I guess :P This comic, just like my other future stories, may have: Drug or alcohol use, blood and violence, mild nudity, mature or dark themes, mild language, and sexual references. This one should stay around PG-13 levels :P You have been warned haha)

Let me know what you think! Critiques and suggestions on improvements welcome :D See ya! ^^