Taria: Prologue #1 Cover

Taria_Prologue_#1 Cover sRGB.jpg

Yay, start of a new comic!  Script is now fixed and it is ready to be drawn!


Few things about this haha. This isn't replacing my old comic, this is a separate side comic. Old comic is likely not happening anymore and is getting converted into an illustrated novel type thing. The old one was going to be like 250 pages, and no way I'd ever finish that lol

This is the start of smaller comic issues I'll be making. The script for this one is just 22 pages. The goal of these to to have them "finished, not perfect", so the art may not be as high quality as I could make.... but I will still try  The quality will be the same as seen here in the cover. This took me around 7 hours to make all in one day, and I'm hoping to keep the pages under 12-15 hours each made over 2 days. I'm trying to maintain my semi-realistic drawing and color style, while being able to draw comics in a timely manner without going crazy. I would like to be posting both a comic page and an illustration for my main story once a week, but since I have writing to do still for the big story I'm not sure how it will go. Expect pages at least once a week, I have zero reason for that not to happen haha. All the issues I have faced in the past with making comics are not a problem with this one

Also writing a story this short is hard  I'm not even sure I'd call it much of a story haha. More or less just an experiment that shows a bit into my character's past  We'll see how it goes, I'm excited ^^

See ya!