Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 6

Taria_Prologue_#1 pg6.jpg

A new character emerges! One that is quite important but I also rarely draw, because he isn't a cat :P It's Paladin Areco! The Paladin (like a prince) to the Wolf Alphas! The Wolf Alphas are the rulers of the entire Wolf Empire, which includes the allied races (including Cheetahs) So Areco is basically 3rd in command of the empire!


Not much to say about this page, aside it took too long XD But I have made a lot of new art I was behind on since the last page ^^

I'm really really happy with this page! I pushed the textures a lot more, and tried to focus on high quality ink work first and foremost. I think it was worth the experimentation ^^ I'm finally starting to like my comic style! I hope you all enjoy it as well :)


Thank you all for reading! Please let me know what you think of the page in the comments bellow! Comments and constructive critiques are always welcomed :D

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Taria Prologue #1 - Page 5

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Dirri hasn't given up the fight yet! But he probably has a concussion now haha


At long last a new comic page! XD Sorry for the long wait again! As I mentioned before, I'm working SO much more now, so the pages should be out alot more often :) Stay tuned for more!

I do like how this page turned out! I feel like I have lost some quality in areas, but I'm still trying to find a happy balance between speed and quality with these pages! This page felt pretty close!


Please let me know what you think of this page in the comments bellow! :D Constructive critiques are quite welcome here!

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Taria Prologue #1 - Page 4


Dirri... what was that supposed to be?! I don't think that's how you do it :P


Hurray, new page! XD Only took 3 weeks longer than expected :P Sorry!

I totally revamped my inking style for the comic, going for a more "clean" look. I'm super happy with how it looks, and glad I changed it XD I'll keep inking in this style and try to refine it even further ^^

Also I changed the color technique even further, trying to get more colorful and dynamic shadows. I'd call that a success as well ^^

Overall I'm super happy with how the look of my comics is now, and look I forward to improving it even further :D (Main thing I need to work on is speed now haha)


Let me know what you think of the page! Critiques and comments welcome ^^ Thank you :D

Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 3


After 4 months, another page is finally here :P Sorry about how it changed in looks a bit.... I've again moved to a new and improved color technique and have gotten better at drawing overall last few months ^^ It's the best my comics have ever looked, and I am so eager to make more!

Yes... I'm still eager to work on this comic, despite how it may appear given its absence XD It's my main focus now (that and commissions :P )

As of now I can only guarantee one page a week, but I would really like to take it to 2 a week soon. I'm still learning better time management so stick with me here :P


Let me know what you think of the page and of the comic so far! Critiques and all that stuff welcome :D This story is just getting started, 20+ more pages to go! XD

Thanks so much for reading :D

Taria: Prologue #1 - Page 2

Taria_Prologue_#1 Pg 2 sRGB.jpg

Finally the next page! We've gone back even more in time! XD It may seem a bit weird to jump back right away, but it's a short comic haha. Most of the comic will take place a few years in the past ^^

Apologies it took so long to make, it's been over 4 weeks :/ To be honest I really didn't enjoy drawing this page haha. On top of getting other stuff done like buying a car, procrastination has hit me hard. I haven't had a ton of fun so far with the comic, but I will continue with the pages as I promised and I hope I enjoy it more later on :P I'll continue to draw other things too of course ^^

I really do like how the art is looking though XD This style has proven to be quicker and easier than any other style I've done ^^ It may not be highest quality, but the time saved has been SO worth it.
I also really love how Dirri looks as well :D I had to study a bit how African wild dogs look, their patterns are tricky! Good to have some practice with canines too :P

Thanks for your patience everyone ^^ Let me know what you think of the page! :D